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Rob Zombie Halloween Movie Reviews

Spoilers ahead, ppl. I'll try an LJ-cut just in case ppl haven't seen these and still want to be surprised. There's a question, so if you've seen his H2 and are willing, please click and read - I'm confused about something.

OK, I actually liked RZ's H and H2 better than the originals - less on the language and nudity and such, but more on the psychological backstorying and co-storying - although H2 left me a bit confused. At the end, did Laurie just take his mask and put it on before she came out, OR...was SHE the Michael Myers killer the whole movie? Finally snapped and did it all herself?

I really loved the white horse motif in H2 though I'm grateful for the quote reference at the opening, else it wouldn't have done more than confuse me. But I enjoyed it this way. Very nicely creepy.

But any ideas about Laurie's role in 2?

Febobe :)

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I've never seen RZ's remakes. Sounds interesting, though.