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Frodo awakens in Rivendell, breathing in happily the sweet, healing fragrance of the special bed the Elves prepared for him.

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Rating: G for nothing but fluff.
Characters: Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Sam
Summary: On All-hallows, the hobbits celebrate, but Bilbo's tales prove a bit powerful for the younger ones.
AN: Frodo is 29, Merry is 22, Sam is 26 and Pippin is 8

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Spoilers ahead, ppl. I'll try an LJ-cut just in case ppl haven't seen these and still want to be surprised. There's a question, so if you've seen his H2 and are willing, please click and read - I'm confused about something.

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Did you trick-or-treat as a child? (I'll make a post later today or tomorrow about favorite costumes you've worn, as a child or an adult!) What was your experience with this, if any?

I grew up trick-or-treating...we weren't big into Halloween as a holiday, but Mom wanted me to have fun and so she always costumed me and took me trick-or-treating around to houses we knew and well-reputed areas we were familiar with (you know how some neighborhoods in town just have great reps, esp for Halloween). I always brought home lots of treats, and it was a blast. Loved it. :) I stopped - not sure what year exactly, but probably before I hit middle school at age eleven, as I don't remember doing it from middle school on up. Of course, this was back in safer days, though we did have the big razor blades in apples scare and all that at some point in my childhood....

Memories of trick or treats past, anyone?

Shirebound, thanks for doing this...this is awesome fun and I'm sure things will only heat up here as the month passes. (And Alien's too scary for me, and so's Poltergeist!)

Hugs to all,
Febobe :)
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Inspired by this morning's discussion, I went and raided the Halloween/Michael Myers films at the library! I now have five Halloween spookies to enjoy!

Will let y'all know what I think of the two remakes by R. Zombie.

Febobe :)
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What's your favorite scary movie? (to borrow a line from the Scream saga!)

I have several I like, though I have to be in the right mood to want to watch them.

*Lady in White: This '80s ghost flick has to be one of the spookiest films ever made. It's a good old-fashioned ghost story, complete with a happy ending. A little hard to find these days; I actually finally bought my own copy off Amazon and it wasn't expensive at all. But very sweet as movies go. And not bloody either. Yay! :) Shirebound, I think you would approve of this's a gentle sort of ghost story in a lot of ways and is really a nice little mystery.

*The Fog: Not so much a fave in general, but a fave b/c Elwen & I scared ourselves silly with it trip before last. Man, that is one CREEPY movie, esp since I live IN an area prone to fog at times! Of course, so does she, hee!

*The Halloween movies: Haven't seen the new ones by Rob Zombie yet, though I'm considering it this year (HAS anyone seen the two remakes he did? if so, I'd love to hear more about them, please). But the old ones, 1-5 or whatever and the twenty year one with the grown up Jamie Lee Curtis, now, I loved those, except for 3 which I didn't watch b/c I don't DO witch anything and that one's Season of the Witch and apparently has nothing to do with Michael Myers. But yeah, I've enjoyed these movies since I was a teen. Even wrote a little Michael Myers family fanfic back in the day! Of course, I watch through my fingers half the time, but it's all in good fun. :)

*Dark Night of the Scarecrow: Haven't seen it in years and years, but saw it as a child and it scared the living DAYLIGHTS outta me. OH MAN SCARY. But the idea of a scarecrow being alive is kinda spooky to anyone I think, though especially the under 10 set like I was then!

*Scream: I LOVE the Scream movies. They're generally very clever, in my view, and they make me crack up as well as shiver. I have the set of the first three on DVD. Saw the fourth in theatres when it came out. Enjoyed them all, though first and second are still my faves, the second b/c of its stunningly brilliant use of Greek tragedy. The scene in theatre rehearsal is just amazing and so scary and intense.

I'm considering watching a little Legend of Sleepy Hollow movie I found at our local Family Video, live-action not animated, and renting the Rob Zombie Halloween flicks, but I'd love to hear from anyone who's seen the Zombie Halloween flicks to learn more before I bite...esp as I have to watch these things alone; my husband won't have any part of it! (hee)

Wish y'all were here...I'd make us a big bowl of popcorn to share around, break out the diet soda, and pop a scary movie in the DVD player! :)

Febobe :)


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